One of the things I love the most is when  a day turns out to be unforgettable and special in an easy way.
Yesterday we menage to be free, and to spend the day together. We decided to go for a walk in Perugia, the city where we live.
In Perugia every Christmas time it's held a "Mercatino delle Strenne", which means a Christmas gifts market. It was raining, it was cold, but our hearts were so warm and happy.
 Afshin is wearing: jumper 12357Milano/shirt H&M/scarf H&M/jeans Zara

I'm wearing dress Object/ coat H&M/ pullover vintage/ shoes Denny Dane/ bag DKNY

There were a lot of ideas for Christmas gift 

Kaleidoscopes, silks, necklaces

 figs and dried tomatoes from south of Italy

 I love these bracelets, they remind me so much of Etro. I think I'll go beack to get some...

We had a lot of fun and Perugia was beautiful. How it ended our day?
As usual, eating somewhere out and laughing..

glasses vintage

hairband H&M

Stay laughing
Stay on a winter day
Stay Stylish!