Does it happen to you as well not being able to define your own style?
Sometimes I do feel like Victor/Victoria: my double personality is always ready to get involved when I have to pick an outfit.
Some days I feel so much mademoiselle, that I can't barely stand the view of a pair of jeans, the next day I feel such a tomboy...
Should I be worried to suffer of bipolarity or it's something proper of a girl to much involved into fashion?
I hope the second option, I wouldn't have to start assuming psych drugs. Way too young...and not that much involved into the fashion world!

Top:Stefanel/Skirt:my creation/belt:H&M/bag:Chanel


Stay Mademoiselle
Stay Tomboy
Stay Stylish

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Katie ha detto...

Cute post :)

AnneBallo ha detto...

Love the pop of yellow in your first outfit! SO CUTE... And I'm a sucker for a good pair of overalls!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
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Anonimo ha detto...

I am the same, re bipolar style~! i think one of the best things about personal styles is that it is not defined by one thing in particular!
Love these phots so fun!


Teeney ha detto...

your pictures are soooo cute! i Lovee them! <3333

L M ♥ la mode ha detto...

Iovely pics... very nice style... check me out and give me your impression, I have a new post... Follow my blog... kisss