stone earrings

Opales, lapislazulis, emeralds, pink diamonds, crystals,  blue agate...all of them are gifts from the earth. Have you ever thought that nature provides with these rocks? And men then cut them to enshrine them in frames. Just for our ears.  They give beautiful lights ot our faces. And we look stunning. 
Thank you Earth.

Be Beautiful and Laugh Loudly


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Eugenia Woods ha detto...

I love every one of these. Especially the cobalt blue ones! Have a wonderful day!

Catherine ha detto...

Love these! I have been looking for some emerald earrings - these are gorgeous and perfect! Thanks for posting!

Patricia Snook ha detto...

Lovely post! Love the images!

Love Patricia

Collections ha detto...

Loving all these earrings, particularly the hunter green and neon green ones.


Josie ha detto...

I love the ABS ones -- what a great color!
xo Josie

WENDY ha detto...

Thank God for the beautiful creations :) My mom would love the emerald ones.

vanessa (the gal) ha detto...

i love earrings with a little color... they can take an outfit from good to great!! great post! i'd love to follow each other if you enjoy my bog. have a great day :)

xo, vanessa (the gal)

modanista junkie ha detto...

Gorgeous pieces!! Wish I had every piece.


Sarah Klassen ha detto...

Indeed! They are such beautiful gifts -- and these styles are lovely...

Hope you had a great weekend!


chiara ha detto...

ah ah ah ah ah non è possibileeee io già ero una tua follower e neppure lo sapevo ah ah ah ah ma come avrò fatto a non riconoscerti nella foto?!?!?!?!? che ridereeeee!!! ciao donna fashion!!!!!!!