LAtely I am so much into cooking in a "stylish" way and my best friend got me a book from Donna Hey "no time to cook" where healthy food and style merge together. This got me inspired in preparing:
Raw Veggie Petals with light cheese cream

I cut the carrots and the celery with a slicer, but basically it can be done with every raw vegetable

for the cheese dip:
light creamy cheese
3tb of extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice
Emulsify all the ingredients with the blender and serve the dip in small glasses.
Put the veggie petals in Japanese bowls and serve them both in a plate giving all your guests chopsticks to eat them.

Be happy and enjoy petals!

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indie by heart ha detto...

Mm, seems like a nice recipe to try sometime. Made me lust for a snack here, hehe!

Thank you for the comment, too bad my balcony view isn't the city, it's the yard.. slight bit of city harbour though :)
Have a lovely day!

Indie by Heart

Preziosa ha detto...

Great! :D

Les Pois ha detto...

mi piace l'idea di un libro "no time ti cook"!!!

Eva ha detto...

E poi... che incantevole mise en place! Baci

Collections ha detto...

poo those vegetables look yummy.


Clara Turbay ha detto...

Very good ideas i´ll be back soon!