I open my closet in the halflight of the morning. My husband is still sleaping when I get ready to go to work. I don't have much time to think about what to wear. My trick? A small detail: what will make the difference. And during summer time the choice goes necesseraly to a hint of colour: turquoise is the case.

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Be happy and laugh loudly!

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Despina T. ha detto...

nice outfit.i really like your accessories!

Jessica Cai ha detto...

beautiful! i loveee your wedges...the blue strap is gorgeous :D xoxo jess

Ang Lam ha detto...

Love the denim skirt and those wedges!!!

kathy ha detto...

Cute outfit!
LOVE the skirt :)

Tian ha detto...

I love the skirt and the shoes! Very cool. :)

Karlys ha detto...

That skirt is so funny :)
Really loved sandals!!1
Con Tacones en el Metro

Elena ha detto...

Just found your blog :) very nice outfit!

Kisses, Elena

Instant Milk ha detto...

Hi girl! I am Angela from the AngelaSquared blog, and have created a new one, with a slightly different approach.
I was hoping we could follow each other on this one too! Through Bloglovin and GFC. Let me know!


Julye ha detto...

very pretty !!

vanessa (the gal) ha detto...

i love all things high-waisted! Great pics.

xx, Vanessa

Julye ha detto...

Love your pretty look!!!

Wendy Ayche ha detto...

That outfit is so cute!!
Much love,