Happy Anniversary!!! To whom? To me!!! yeahhhh!
Actually it was few days ago, but I had no time to update my blog.
The 1st of February, eight years ago I got married to my adorable and gorgeous husband.
Since last year we didn't have the chance to properly celebrate, this year we have done something really nice.
We went to theatre for a dance gala and after that since we were starving but it was quite late in the night we went for a piadina (to know what a piadina is, click here) But it was lovely as well: we were so dressed up, seated in an empty kiosk eating with hands.

This is what I wore

The pink coat is my wedding dress. For that occasion I wore it with nothing under but a huge tulle flared skirt, then I had an original vintage white Borsalino hat and an orchid on my wrist.

Stay in love
Stay forever in love
Stay Stylish!

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Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Ooh how exciting! Happy Anniversary! :D

modanista junkie ha detto...

Happy anniversary to you!!!! Lovely photos.

p.s. come check out my latest post. I finally put up your lovely interview!!!