Maybe it's for the new show I'm working on, but lately I'm much more attent to parfumes and smells.
Everyone has one specific smell, that one recognizable when you come back after a day at work, or diving the head into your partner's pillow.
We try to cover up our original smell with thousands of lotions and parfumes, but our own can't be really covered. Luckily.

It can be something like lemon

or soap, honey, grass,  or even nuts; if you are a smoker can be slightly of tobacco...


But all these smells are what we are, or better what we smell.
There is a corner behind our ear, where the true lover can find the way back home. Thanks to Chanel n°5? I don't think so: thanks to the original smell, that likewise the original sin, makes humans what they are: unique.

Stay original
Stay scented
Stay Stylish!

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