I'm waiting for Grace, one of my best friend ever...
 It's her birthday, but she doesn't feel like hanging around or having some party time...
So I cooked dinner for her.

Birthday cake?
No, just small pastafrolla baskets, made especially for Grace.
Since I don't eat anymore some ingredients such sugar, white flour, butter, I made this pastafrolla with  wheatmeat flour, soy oil and fructose.
I filled the basket with cream cheese and Greek yogurt sweetend with agave syrup, vanilla seeds and some almond petals.

    I cooked the empty baskets in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°

   Once they were ready I let them get colder, I filled them up with the cream and on the top fresh strawberries which are already sweet enough...healthy and so yummy

Everything tastes much better when it's made out of love, isn't it?

Happy Birthday sweetest Grace!

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Mirror of Fashion ha detto...

Looks yummy!

modanista junkie ha detto...

OMG this looks amazing!!! Made my mouth water. Happy birthday to Grace!!


FashionFreak/Mihaela ha detto...

Looks delicious!

Happy Birthday to Grace.Mine birthday is today too!

WENDY ha detto...

You are making me hungry!
These looked beyond delicious :D

Claudia ha detto...

mmm DELICIOUS!!!!!! <3

Ioanna ha detto...

Yummi!!! Delicious post!!! Lovely blog!!! thank you for your comment on my blog!!! I am following you on blogloving!