He is among my favourites. He is a genious. He made fashion. He created for the most important women of the century. He is an artist. He has a vision. He is Valentino.

What I love about this collection is the fluidity, the nude colours, the delicate sheer, the romantic patterns, the small bows...
Once again Masoin Valentino has not disappointed us.

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WENDY ha detto...

Valentino surely does know how to make women look beautiful and at their best! :)


Jen HaHA ha detto...

These are beautiful designs. I don't think I have a good eye for couture because som estyles are too wacky for me. But these are very classy and feminine! I do like Valentino!
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Burning Skies ha detto...

I agree! The sheer and fluidity look really nice :)

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

So funny that we both posted about this collection!!! XD
I love it so much :)

Athena_Trendsetter ha detto...

Valentino is what we call 'feminin, ladylike & chic " at its purest form. It totally brings out the best of the woman.

I just followed! Follow back if you wish :)

xoxo, Athena