My fellow bloggers finally I manage to post the interview with Leanne Marshall. What I really have appreciated about her and her staff is the easiness to get in contact with her. I sent an email, and I got an answer.
Let's discover a glimpse of Leanne's creative world made of petals, waves, moon colour and heart shapes.
Enjoy it!

1. how did you discover your talent for design and fashion?
When I was young, I took ballet. My curiosity about design started then and I began designing my own costumes. 
2. do you or did you ever doubt it?
There have been times where things weren't easy, but there was never a moment where I doubted that I had the talent to do what I wanted to do, which is design.
3. what has given you strenght to struggle in this dog eats dog fashion world?
It's really about adapting. There will always be hurdles, but choosing to face and over come them has been my maker for success.
4. which is the piece you created you love the most?
My favorite piece is called the tuxi dress. It is so classic, yet completely original at the same time. 
5. on the other hand, which is that one you feel ashamed of (if you have one)?
If I am ashamed of a garment, it gets recycled and turned into something I am proud of. I never sell anything, or send it down the runway, if I am ashamed of it.   
6. what's your favourite colour?
probably mint green. 
7. from where you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from a variety of things. I have had whole collections inspired by nature, graphic design fonts, waves and even specific pieces of art. 
8. which is the first thing you created?
My ballet outfits were my first creations. But the first thing I sewed wasn't until high school.
9. who is the woman you create for?
I design for the woman who has a unique style. One who wants to look sexy in an atypical way. My ideal client is the one who wants to look ethereal everyday.
10. if you weren't a fashion designer what would you be?
I would be an illustrator or photographer, which are a part of my job anyhow.

Leanne's blog: petals and waves

"Come to the edge of the shore and stand with
your eyes tight shut, and you will be carried out upon the waves" (R. Tagore)

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I enjoyed reading this interview, it's really interesting! Thank you


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Oh my gosh, so exciting! This was a fantastic interview!!

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Sara, her fashions are dreamy. It's amazing how things impact us when we're younger. Extraordinary woman!

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Fantastic post! Great interview:)

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Oh wow, look at her amazingly beautiful dresses! You would feel like a princess wearing one of those designs. Great interview xx

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I love Leanne!! Such a great interview :)

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So awesome! Thanks for sharing, was a great interview!


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Great interview, her dresses look amazing! x

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Great interview. :)

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Her designs are GORGEOUS! Love them.

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the structure of these dresses are gorgeous. what a talented designer!

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I heart your blog! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

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She is amazing! I love her creations! Great interview!

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Lover her designs... especially that black and white dress.

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Oh my goodness, this is THE Leanne from Project Runway! She did an amazing job then and her designs have only gotten better since! Thank you for sharing and I appreciate the kind comment :) so glad to hear you find my blog inspiring :)

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OMG love that you interviewed her...she is amazing!!!!

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she is sooo talented! I love her work!

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Fantastic post! :D
Great interview...
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