I scream for the temperature inside and outside my house. Or ice cream...which may sound way better. The sweltering summer has arrived and all around the news repeats ad libidum some suggestions to fight it. Here is mine: don't scream, just ice cream!

For summer 2012 the new trend is making your own ice cream and ice pops.
Can't wait to embrace my creativity!

Stay cool and creative! Stay happy!

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the creation of beauty is art. ha detto...

These look like delicious ways to ease the heat!

Tammy ha detto...

Love all these! They look so yummy!!

sonia de macedo ha detto...

Oooh totally craving some amazing popsicle goodness right about now - despite the fact that it's verging freezing outside! :o)

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jessica wu ha detto...

ahh these look delicious! i love the popsicles, they're so beautiful!

following :)


Fashionthrougthravel ha detto...

Wow, these homemade ice creams look so delicious! I wonder if it's difficult to do it yourself... have you already tried it?
I really like your blog as well, I loved the jewelry post and your style photos :)
Have a great day!

Tian ha detto...

They look absolutely delicious! Perfect for summer. :)

Satin and Souffles ha detto...

Omg these look so good :') Following xx


Jessica Cai ha detto...

thanks for visiting my blog! this post is so cute and makes me want icecream :) if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess

Karlys ha detto...

So funny pics!!! Your look with pearls loved!!!
I started follow you ;)
Con Tacones en el Metro

kathy ha detto...

Wow that looks delicious :)

Satu ha detto...

MM, delicious ! ^^

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