One of the best memory of the time I spent in New York is that afternoon I ate a Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding on a bench in front of the Rockfeller Center.
That time I enjoyed life, and I thought that moment was perfect: kissed by the sun, observing people walking around me, New York in September and a amazing, never tasted Banana pudding.
Isn't life worth of living for small joys?

This is our  (Nicol and myself) attempt to make a banana pudding, following the Magnolia Bakery recipe.

We will have to make some changes, such as not using artificial custard and condensed milk but instead a home made custard and simple milk.
But we enjoyed so much making it, chatting and laughing, and dipping our spoons in it!
Another amazing memory is added. Perfect.

Stay enjoying life
Stay natural
Stay Stylish!

2 commenti:

giulia ha detto...

Mmmmm.....mi è venuta una fame.....!!!!
Perfino un'ottima cuoca....fantastica Sari!
Un bacio e goditi questa giornata soleggiata.


Anonimo ha detto...

wow!!!!...a real "chef"!!