Not only spring brings will of change and rebirth, but also, for us girls a little bit too much into fashion and glamour, the will of daring.
Daring with what? Many things obviously, but concerning the topics of my blog: daring in style.
Usually during winter times I just can't bother all the strange colours for nails. But now, thanks to the blossom of the flowers around, the chiffon shirts, the sun, well I think they are adorable (and indispensable ;) )

 For now I bought the YSL. I love them. They are sold together, you can use them as french manicure or just one at a time.

Stay polished
Stay daring
Stay Stylish!

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Sarah ha detto...

Love the glitter of opi. I want those Estee Lauder polishes! :)SarahD