Summer evenings spent on my terrace looking at the stars, waiting for the night to enshroud us and admiring the changing of colours of the sky.
That is the perfect light. The light I need to live in.
All around me the world in silence.
Next to me my love and few candle lights.

                                        Love is like a candlelight,
                                          Glowing in the dark
The warmness kindles
From a tiny spark.

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Elena ha detto...

Lovely photos!!
kisses. elena :)

Precious ha detto...


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JB / Sunshine With Everything ha detto...

Gorgeous photos. Looks like the perfect place for a summer meal. x

Alexandrа ha detto...

I like tha candles they make the place look so romantic!)

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Marissa ha detto...

Your terrace is so gorgeous! I'm jealous! xoxo Marissa

Ellie ha detto...

This post is filled with beautiful photos! I miss burning candles outside :/

Love the quote at the end.

Have a great day!

modanista junkie ha detto...

These photos are magical! So incredible love.


Charlotte B ha detto...

Lovely photos, I love the little table and all the gorgeous lights xx Great blog, I am following, follow me too?? xx

Meena Dhuga ha detto...

such a magical post! love it :D thanks for commenting on my blog as well :)

Meena xxx

Marina ha detto...

Your terrace looks amazing!! I would love to spend my nights there! :)

Anonimo ha detto...

So inspiring and pretty! That first picture is amazing, would love that courtyard!


Natasha ha detto...

what a lovely terrace.. the lighting, decoration... everything is great. but there's one thing missing - a jacuzzi (and George Clooney) :)

Sara C. ha detto...

@Natasha: ahahaha: you are right girl!!

chocandcinnamon ha detto...

Sounds lovely :)

Jenny ha detto...

I am glad that someone shares the same thought as I do! thanks for the comments and cool photos btw!

Jenny xx

Cecylia ha detto...

great photos! Love the night scenes

Come follow my blog hun! :)

Página ao Lado ha detto...

Lovely photos!

Great Blog!

Little Pink Rain Boots ha detto...

I love candles, especially in gorgeous holders like the ones you posted. I loved episode 6 of True Blood too, I've been rooting for Sookie/Eric since season 1.

Teeney ha detto...

i said this for most of your posts, but i LOVE this! wish I could recreate something as nice as this!!