Sephora's cleansing oil and instant mask: super cleaning and super hydrating. The skin glows after having used them.
 Biotherm's skin energetic serum and day cream: they make the skin super fresh and hydrated and without any fatigue signs. To look radiant the whole day .
Mineral flower's chamomile night cream: very nourishing and comfortable. I also use it for hands.
 D&G's L'Imperatrice: need to say more?
Palmer's Body gloss cocoa butter: perfect for my white legs.
Home made body cream: take a jar and mix 3/4 of Nivea and 1/4 of your favourite foundation. It is the best coloured cream, super nourishing for more than one day.
 YSL's Touche Eclat
Chanel's lipstick: Marilyn and Fiesta are the perfect shades for summer.
Kiko's waterproof eye pencil. I love this deep blue/torquise shade.
Bigelow's Menta lip buffer: it exfoliates lips and add them some shining.
Collistar extra volume mascara: I just discover it. It really works on me...but mascara is something so personal
Kiko orange eye shadow: I use it as a blush. My favourite shade of orange and I love how it textures on my skin tone.
Helena Rubinstein's Sheer Clone: I never wear foundation in summer. 
Kiko's top coat mascara: it curls lashes soooo much. Love it.
Juicy nail polishes. The final sign summer finally is here. And we can enjoy it.

Have fun and Stay Stylish!

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modanista junkie ha detto...

Amazing products.

p.s. yes the Sally Hansen airbrush legs does work. You should try it. :)