Not just pictures remind us the important moments that defined our lives. Sometimes are objects: an old key of a house we used to live in, a dry flower given us by someone we loved, a diary with our secret thougths, an empty sugar sachet of the coffee sipped with an old friend we are not in touch with anymore. Just to name a few...

Maybe as we frame important pictures, we should frame important objects, just to remind us what we used to be, and the roads we walked on.

Stay remindful (but never remind-fool)
Stay framing
Stay Stylish!

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jamie-lee ha detto...

thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of images!

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Oh wow that is such a cool idea!! :D

M.A. ha detto...

Nice pics!
I like ur blog...come to see mine if u want

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Precious ha detto...

These are very gorgeous shots!

kristina@beancakes ❤ ha detto...

thanks for your comments!! this is such a nice post ~ very pretty and thoughtful.
xo ~ baci ~ kristina

Bohemian vanity ha detto...

Really cool idea !!! xoxo

Annette ha detto...

Love the frames, what a cool way to decorate :)

kittenmasks ha detto...

I love these frames. I saw them somewhere, but I can't remember what store sold them. CB2? Ikea?

ΔLMΔ ha detto...

Holla Sara!
These frame ideas are very good! I like how minimalistic they are.
I'm going to buy super glue and collect some stuff to stick them on my wall! :DD

Alexa ha detto...

Gorgeous and a great idea! Can't wait to try this in my next place :)

Lovely by Lucy ha detto...

Love that idea, so creative!
What's more important than (the good things in) life?
Great idea to capture them in such a way.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog earlier, really sweet!
XO, your latest follower

modanista junkie ha detto...

These are all so lovely.


vindushi ha detto...

how charming! i want it!


annie ha detto...

"we should frame important objects, just to remind us what used to be..." beautiful, and I couldn't agree more. We attach so many memories and emotions to little objects, it's sad to think of losing all the little trinkets because in a way it represents forgetting parts of the past, no matter how small. I wish I could frame special objects!

Great post, and great blog overall, you write so thoughtfully and beautifully like a dreamer and thinker :) it's so lovely to see your personality and thoughts come across too!
keep it up, i'm following! :)


Lyosha ha detto...

lovely photos! very stylish!
following you, I'll be glad if you fallow me back

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mwan ha detto...

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love from hong kong

Flaviana Boni ha detto...

great idea!

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Katie ha detto...

I love the simplicity of these images xo

Angela Alvarez ha detto...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! :) really cool!!
i am following you now!

Ana ha detto...

Loooveee the pics <3

Katie ha detto...

Would love to do a mutual follow, hitting the button now:)

Taj Acosta ha detto...

I do love this idea. especially a little precious vase with flowers! so sweet! xo

Little Pink Rain Boots ha detto...

These are fantastic, I love it when they have all three hung in a row.

Bobbi ha detto...

Great post!

And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

Ask Erena ha detto...

I love these frames! Such a great idea! Thank you for your comments.. Following you on Blogloving.. Follow me?
Ask Erena

M.E ha detto...

Thanks for your comment !

nice post :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela ha detto...

aw. pretty

new post♥mfashionfreak

Michelle's Style File ha detto...

What clever frames- very nice indeed!


Michelle's Style File ha detto...

What clever frames- very nice indeed!

Michelle ha detto...

great ideas, really love your pics

Cinz ha detto...

I absolutely love this idea!!! Really inspiring and puts a smile to my face=D Thx for sharing!