easy summer things

I haven't got the chance to enjoy so much summer this year, but if I have to make a list of things which remind me summer ( and which I appreciate just during summer time), I cannot leave out...

 Ice Cream
If you need some suggestions about Ice Cream, visit this blog

 short jeans



strong colours of nail polish

white dresses, dinners out, candles, full moons and falling stars. All these things make my summer, even if we are not far away.
Which are the things that make your summer a real summer?
Stay fresh
Stay happy
stay Stylish!

2 commenti:

eli ha detto...

Uff, e pensare che sta quasi finendo l'estate...
Che carino il post su LV!!! Molto molto divertente!! ;)
Buona giornata!


fashion junkie ha detto...

Ice cream looks yummy, and love love love that necklace. Soooo cute.