look book: Sayonara, Gangster

It's been a while since I read Takahashi Genichiro's Sayonara, Gangster but for me it has been that kind of book able to remain under the skin. I loved the surreal and absurd halo which surrounds the story.

This is the review I found on the internet, and it fits completely (nevertheless it's much better of the review I could write!):
"Sayonara, Gangsters, a thrillingly unhinged perpetual-motion machine full of absurd sex and violence, greased with the awesome confidence of a writer so committed to thumbing his nose at convention that he discovers caverns of wonder deep within said schnoz. (...) The least that can be said is that you never know what's coming next." - Ed Park, The Village Voice"

This  is the look I created inspired by the book, by the characters, by the city, by everything. I hope it helps giving you the curiosity to read it. If you like plots easy to understand but still able to catch you, if you love the Japanese pop culture, if you love to laugh, go for Sayonara, Gangster.
To discover more about the book click here and here

sayonara gangster!




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