Marras' fall-winter 2010 collection

What can I say: It simply makes me want to be already in fall!
Marras has been always my favourite designer full stop.
clik here if you want to look at the show (it's really worth it, because he is not just a designer, he is a real artist, with his own unique artistic vision)

a sketch by Marras on a Moleskine

I need also to add something which isn't about this specific post: I'm so sorry my last posts haven't been very accurate, but I'm working 10 hours per day and 6 day a week, so it's really hard finding time to be a good blogger!! =D
To all of you: have a nice summer!

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Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Love this! Those boots are amazing!! I'm having the same problem with blogging...not enough time anymore!! :(

fashion junkie ha detto...

AMAZING!!!!!!! Lovely photos!


Makiko ha detto...

Hi Sara,
Thanks for the comments! I post almost daily to be sure to check back often :).
You've got a great blog going, too! I really like the header photo with the bright green on pink...

Makiko ha detto...

Haha oops! I meant to put at the bottom:

Anonimo ha detto...

Omg i love the shoes in this collection! So hot!