I have decided to add an aspect on my blog, that is the "how to" section. I think we all girls have some tips and little secrets about the way we do some practical things.
The first how to I'm going to write about is:

(I have learnt this "how to" from Michelle Phan, so I give her all the credits. I have tried it and it works perfectly)

step 1. in a plate put some dish soap (it is the best grease remover) and olive oil (it's the best mostourizer). I usually add also some hand sanitizer (it kills all the germs but it's also delicate because is made for the skin)

step 2. with the brush you want to clean stir the mixture up and soak the brush in it

step 3.scrub the brush against your hand several time, until you see the mixture becoming again of the original colour (soak the brush in the mixture several times if necessary)

step 4. wash very carefully the brush with warm water in order that no trace of
soap is left among the bristles. Now the brush is clean

step 5. It's very important also the drying phase, because a brush is also made of glue so the brush must get dried in a way that the water doesn't strain inside.

my cat Socks is keeping an eye on them

if you have the brushes' tops use them while they dry so that they can easily keep  their shapes.

I hope you find this useful. I think this is much better than using specific products because they are expensive, while we all have these products in our homes. We got to save money girls!!


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