One of the things I love the most about blogging is being in touch with people living across the ocean with a completely different prospective about life in general and fashion in particular.
It's fun to me seing post of different outfits from different part of the world. While I'm posting an outfit showing my new coat to face the Italian winter (which is not as warm as they tell around) I see girls posting outfits of their new sandals!
So I thought that it could be very interesting knowing some bloggers better.
The first one I'm really glad to introduce on style you.styleme.Stylish! is Mel from Modanista Junkie. What attracted me at first reading her blog was the freshness she uses in writing about fashion. Her blog is easy, funny but fancy at the same time and reading what she wrote made come to the conclusion that after all a  blog really reflects the personality and the taste of the blogger herself.
Enjoy your reading...

1. where your passion for style came from?

Ever since I was a little girl I used to love getting all dolled up. I would not be caught outside without being fully dressed head to toe. I would always wear hair bows to match my outfits. I remember in high school always saying that I would someday move to New York and work in the fashion industry. Well the New York part never happened, but working in the fashion industry did, and it just so happens to be in Los Angeles, CA. Since I'm too poor for Couture, I figure why not try to make some of the things I so want, but can't afford. And that's where my love for DIYs came from.

 2. why did you decide to write a blog about it?

I decided to start a blog because I'm obsessed with all things fashion and love to get crafty so wanted to express and show my style through a blog.

3. how would you describe your style?
I would have to say my style is a mix between comfy and festive chic!! I choose simple over anything, BUT I do love to get all fancy and dressed up occasionally.

 4. which are the items that can't be missing in your closet?

Shoes, shoes, and shoes! I think accessories and shoes are what make the outfit that more special. I don't know what fashion would be like without them.

 5. What is "en vogue" in california?

I'm seeing a huge trend in the classic chic, and bohemian hipster -like style. Very free-spirited type of style I must say is pretty big at the moment. I'm noticing a huge mixture of studs, feathers, sequins, nude colors and water colors that are totally in style and very popular here.

6. what do you like the most in the world of fashion?
What I love most about the world of fashion is that it is forever changing, and I appreciate how every individual expresses their personalities through fashion. It's art and I love it!

 7. what do you hate the most in the world of fashion?

I hate REAL FUR! I just don't believe in killing animals for fashion. It disgusts me, and am so against it. I prefer FAUX FUR.

8. who is your style icon ?
It would have to be Nicole Richie for a few reasons: Nicole Richie has made a huge transformation in her life, and I admire that. Her fashion lines of apparel, shoes, and accessories have been an inspiration to what I hope to one day accomplish.

9. if you could eliminate an article of clothing for ever, what it would be?
Well it would obviously have to be Real fur. Another item would have to be the baby heel - I mean what's the point of it anyway?!

10. which are your favourites stylists and why
I absolutely love Beth Jones' style. I admire how she puts such fabulous outfits together. She's just fabulous and amazing!!

Stay reading style blogs
Stay reading Modanista Junkie
Stay Stylish!

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modanista junkie ha detto...

Love it!! Thanks for the lovely opportunity!


Noortje Lueb ha detto...

cute pics! xo

Jamie ha detto...

Yaaay!!! Mel is AWESOME!! She is also the BEST shopping partner!!! We went this weekend and had the greatest time! And I agree wholeheartedly on the kitten/baby heel...I mean what IS the point??