Not only she was in the cast of Dawson's creek, and no matter what we tell to our friends, we all watched and loved Dawson's creek (by the way I hated Joe Potter and Dawson, I was all for the bad ones: Jen and Pacey), she is now a great actress and a great woman. I like her so much because she is a young fighter and surviver.
I love her shoot for Marie Claire, she is so gorgeous and her style is the perfect incarnation of the spring to come

I will steal from her some ideas for next spring, like yellow shoes

and a chiffon dress coloured as a beautiful and delicate flower

 vintage dress on flickr

Stay Michelle-inspired
Stay delicate
Stay Stylish!

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modanista junkie ha detto...

She is stunning and always looks so effortless!! OMG thank you thank you thank you - I have been searching for a good pair of yellow pumps, and now I have found them thanks to you. :)

Happy Monday.

Tink3rbell ha detto...

splendida!incredibilmente bella, mai vista così!