Carla Sozzani, Vogue's director, is a genious. She put three curvy women as cover of the magazine, usually destinated to super thin models, without the shade of a breast, or of a hip.
Since God gave me not just a shade, but the whole concept of it, and, what a coincidence, I have spent the last two days searching for a strapless bra that could actually "bra" something; not to mention that Spanks are my best friends, I have pleasently surprised by the cover and the shoot.
Not just surprised: I have been incouraged to be who I am, and mostly, to be how I am.
Let's sign this manifesto:
           Curvy Is Sexy and I won't be ashamed of my curves anymore.

Sara C.

For all those curvy women, leave your signature in the comments box.

Stay as you are
Stay curvy and sexy
Stay Stylish!

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Alexandra ha detto...

I am curvy and I don't like being curvy ! But she doesn't seem to be bothered at all by that !

alexandra @

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Sofie ha detto...

thanks so much sweety :D
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Urban Couture 53 ha detto...

Curvy is the new black :) I mean, anyone should be incredible in their own skin, We agree completely with your post!! like like!

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julis ha detto...

great post!!!!!!

kisses juli

julis ha detto...

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A Lot Like Fashion ha detto...

I'm all for curvy! :)
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modanista junkie ha detto...

I 100% agree with the title of this post!!! I think these ladies are fabulous. :)


Lola Finn ha detto...

That is a great post! Really nice pic!