I'm completely absorbed into Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel: The Language of Flowers. It's lovely and intense, and it's that kind of book that while reading it you get so obsessed with it.
Now I have much more passion in taking care of my terrace on the roof, and when I water each flower I think the hidden meaning of it, and I love them even more...
I have yellow roses, and white and red, then I have lilac, hydrangea, peony, geranium, rhododendrum...
I'm not giving any spoiler about the meaning of got to read it.
I'm sending to all of you a thought full of chamomile's petals...which means a lot of strenght.

Stay gardening
Stay reading
Stay Stylish!

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ady happyborn ha detto...

davvero un tocco di classe la nuova veste del tuo blog e queste foto meravigliosamente sofisticate. un bacio ady

Alexandra ha detto...

thanks,darling! Your post made my day <3

alexandra @