Books are wings for our fantasy, books are houses for our deepest thoughts, are nests for our secrets, are guardians of our emotions, are safeguards in our darkest hours, are escapes when reality gets too grey.
Books are beautiful in shape and texture. Books are precious and some of them can change the course of our life and our thoughts. Books are the inheritage of our past, and our legacy to our future.
From our books we define who we are: from the books on our sidetable, on our shelves, in our bag we make the tacit statement: "this is who I am, right here, right now".
And if we decide to hang them and make them as a flying house we give them even more meaning and beauty.

Stay making your fantasy fly
Stay reading
Stay Stylish!

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Laura Gerencser ha detto...

That is soo cool!!:) Thanks for the comment!

.Candy. ha detto...

Books truly are houses for our deepest thoughts...I always get sound inspiration from great reads. I've always thought that authors and playwrights are the geniuses in this world!

I love the picture! It's so unique and creative!


Ginta ha detto...

This is so perfect! I guess now I know what's missing in my bedroom! :))

Precious ha detto...

Amazing!! Thanks for you comment on my blog. I follow you now :)