True poets sometimes are hidden in unthinkable people...

"...and the moon / it's better they told me as a child what it was / for I could not understand it now." -Marilyn Monroe-

Welcome to the most glamorous event of summer evenings of Umbria.
I'm glad to introduce you to the fantastic reading of Marilyn's poems and Oriana Fallaci' s merciless point of view of the Golden Years of Hollywood with the lovely accompaniment of some of the eternal songs from the 50's.

These are the pictures are taken from the debut evening.


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Julia F. ha detto...

Love this pics and the post roll! Kisses a lot!

modanista junkie ha detto...

Lovely photos hun!

p.s. thanks for your last comment on my blog. my sequins heart top was not a mel made unfortunately. :) I bought it that way.


Alessandra Mazzini ha detto...

Great pictures!

Tamara ha detto...

Wow I just found your blog and I am so happy I did, cause I absolutely LOVE IT! Your style is amazing and you are very inspiring. Great picks. You have got a new fan and definitely a new follower. Pop up by my page if you ever get a chance xoxo

inmyhansonshirt ha detto...

All of these photos are so beautiful!

katiecrackernuts ha detto...

This sounds like my kinda of night. I'm looking forward to our summer and getting out into the summer festival season.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for introducing me to your space on the world wide web. It looks a lovely place to visit.