Joy can be found in what we have at our feet (yes let's be honest for once: we are happy with new shoes!). So I guess colourful shoes should be worn following our mood swings.
And if you are as I am, we have a lot of mood swings. Equals:  should we have a lot of shoes?
Do you remember those rings we had when we were kids? Those which changed colours depending on the mood we had?
Since we are not kids anymore, we need something for grown ups: either gems, either shoes.
For this season my bank account tells me to go with shoes.

Precious Colours

Stay colourful
Stay humoral
Stay Stylish!

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ady happyborn ha detto... tuo blog è diventato davvero raffinatissimo, post stupendo i colori sembrano fuoriuscire dallo schermo. baci ady

Laura ha detto...

Fabulous shoes!

Laura x

inmyhansonshirt ha detto...

I adore these! Beautiful colours!

Skylar Magazine ha detto...

Ooh, so pretty. I love the pretty blue pumps with the gold heels.


Caterina Salvietti ha detto...

Your blog is really nice!

There is a giveaway to win an Estee Lauder kit in my blog:

xoxo katy

TIMELESS IS MORE ha detto...

love all of these heels!

have a look at my latest outfit on


Coco Crocanti ha detto...

thanks you for your comment :) i really like your blog so i follow you :) i hope you visit my blog and follow me if you want :) kisses

Vicki ha detto...

oh i love the rust ones!! :) x

The Cat Hag ha detto...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. <3

I love the blue Topshop pair, they look delightful. :)

The Cat Hag
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The Desert Fox ha detto...

oh i love this! love the idea of stones and colors and shoes- perfection


stephanie gracia ha detto...

i love all the shoes colors! :) amazing

colleen ha detto...

yes, yes and yes to all of these. especially the wedges ;)

bellis ha detto...

thanks for visiting my blog!!

i love colors and i love shoes :)


Sheree ha detto...

Love the zanotti ones!

Sam ha detto...

This is definitely shoe porn! Looove these shoes!

Alexandria ha detto...

I can not help smiling while I was reading your post. Very well said, and I certainly agree with you on every words in this post!!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier. i am following you now. hope you will follow me back :)

Bad Joan ha detto...

What a cool shoe color wheel!


Nayra Laise ha detto...

Bellissime queste scarpe,l'altezza dei tacchi è stupenda!!

AJ TAYLOR ha detto...

you know what i like and you are giving it to me. those shoes are making me drool. especially the blue ones.

Stylishlyme ha detto...

All of these shoes are gorgeous! Love.


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Sianna ha detto...

I'm in love with the purple Zanotti shoes ever since I saw them. And the other shoes you chose are great as well.

Ms LadyCakes ha detto...

Thanks for sharing these beautifully colored shoes!



Giulia ha detto...

ADOOOOOORO queste scarpe!!

kristina@beancakes ★ ha detto...

sara ~ it appears that you and i have the exact same taste in shoes!!! LOVE!!
baci ~ kristina