Break your leg!

I never speak about my job, so I decided to post a post about it, and exactly about what I have been doing yesterday night.
Take 200 primary school kids, add 8 teachers with no ideas at all of what is theatre, mix all together with a Renaissance square in a Renaissance town, and then put all this into a show. Well, creating and directing (and surving) the show is what I have done yestarday night  (starting in April!).

 This is the square of Acquasparta (name of the town)
The work had just begun: here  the gaffers were setting the lights and microphones.

The story was based on the fairy tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Some of the set design:

 And here there are some of the  little "actors":
Some of the villagers

One of the 50 mice, dragged away by the Piper...

This was the end of the show. It is the only picture during the show I was able to take since I was (struggling) in here:
This was my position and during the show my duty was to give the right lights on stage and to put on the music, raise up and down the volume of the microphones and check that everything was going fine.

This is why it was the longest night!  Now I'm still tired, voice-less and left with a little sense of emptiness.
But after was fun!

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