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In these World Cup crazy days (by the way tonight it's Italy's turn) everyone and every magazine is talking about Africa, and precisely South Africa. 
I've done a little research by myself and look what a wonderful  and fashion related website I have found:

Since I have visited it I keep returning because I'm simply in love with it.

But "WHAT IS MY ASHO? (this is taken from the website)
My Asho (derived from the Yoruba word “aso” meaning cloth and pronounced “ash-awe”) is an online fashion concept, developed in 2008 to celebrate and promote the talent of African designers based throughout the world. We aspire to become a one-stop-shop for the best in authentic African inspired designs.

We work closely with all our designers and stylists, choosing beautiful pieces from their collections to offer to a savvy fashion-forward international audience. In addition, we work with local markets throughout Africa to bring you distinctive, one-off pieces which you can check out daily in the
My Asho Market.

Most of the products on are ethically handcrafted and produced in limited quantities, which means our customers can always be assured to find high-quality, inspired boutique style pieces at very affordable prices.

 Here there are some items I'm in love with:

                                                                            Print Frock

                                                                      Christie Brown Ghana

Print SP Dress
Christie Brown Ghana
Print Shoulder Padded Dress by Christie Brown Ghana

                                                       Pocket Skirt  YouMeWe

Red Cocktail Dress
Jewel by Lisa

 Baby Burst Dress

I love the idea of mixing African prints with Couture cuts.

Some accessories:
Yinka Necklace
Bestow Elan

Sun Fire Wire Wrapped Ring by Afrique La Chique

Signature Bracelets by Ituen Basi

(all the pictures are taken from
Go and visit MyAsho, it's a great idea: bring global what it's local.
All this fashion is so colourful, so particular, so easy to wear mixing it up with all the clothes we have. It adds to our style some Africa bringing the sun!
Please, go and visit.
Let's all support this great initiative.
Stay colourful
Stay supportive
Stay Stylish!

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Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Oh wow great stuff! :D

eli ha detto...

Grazie per essere passata dal mio blog!!! Questi vestiti hanno dei colori mio preferito è il primo!


Christy ha detto...

That's a really cool site. Thanks for sharing :)