Sex and the City 2...when fashion is too much

Hey girls, yes I'm talking to the four of you, I just watched your second movies and I got some reflexion to make. One above all:
don't you think that sometimes too much is not too good?
After all Lady Coco Chanel once said: "before you go out, go in front of a mirror and take something off". Because that was not necessary: it was too much.
It looks that the four of you were in competition: who has more accessories win (also who has more botox, but for that I think Samantha is unbeatable).
Fashion is not a matter of adding items, but choosing the right one .

I'm sorry I have to dedicate to you the first chapter, because the bigger the expectetion the bigger the disappointment.

Come on Carrie, you can not go into a sukh dressed like this:

We all should learn the lesson: good taste is not necessarely fashion. And having a J'adore Dior t-shirt it doesn't mean that you have to wear wherever you want ( also becasue do you think that Dior would adore you back?)
Another case:
If you are not Carmen Miranda, why are you wearing a turban Carrie?
I have to tell you something: you don't look good with it! It seems you are waiting for your hairdresser to cut you hair.
I think now you are truly a fashion victim: fashion is really killing your good taste! And you are a victim of it!  Now your style is bigger than you. Many things were so unnecessary: why do you need all that??
I'm sorry to be so hard on you, but I was such a huge fan of your choices, my dressmaker made me this gawn as yours because it's gorgeous:
 And also this one:

Where are those times?
I didn't say anything even when you decided to put a bird on your head: I took your side, also because you had corgous outfits in the first movie. But now,  in this movie you push the limit too much.

Let's go on: who is the girl who stays at home wearing a 12'' stiletto? Come on this is so fake: I like you more when you keep the style real:
Anyway, I hope that reading my blog you don't take it too personal, I know it's not just your fault, but also Patricia's.

This is how I want to remember you:

and sooo many are missing...Carrie come back, I miss you!

Stay tasteful
stay natural
stay stylish

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Closet Fashionista ha detto...

I still haven't seen the movie, doubt I will XD (I haven't seen the first one or the show, shame on me!)
But I'm glad to see that even though you like the show you don't automatically love the movie. And I agree...some of that is too much, her stuff on the show is so much better!

Sara C. ha detto...

couldn't agree more
if you see the movie 2, you'll tell me

ady ha detto...

completamente d'accordo cone te! baci

infetta ha detto...

carmen miranda sto male.