Sail away

Sail away, wasn't it a Rod Stewart song? I think I remember it from the 80's (or it was the 90's, boh I don't know), anyway I'm longing to leave, to be on a boat, just me, my husband, a couple of friends, sailing away, discovering new places and reaching new shores.
Instead I have to stay here, working for the whole summer. But I can dream anyway to be on that boat, wearing the perfect outfit in order to be the perfect sailor.

I got the inspiration from:


Chanel                                                                                 Braccialini

But if you want to create your own sailor outfit the main colour to use is navy blue


(it would be perfect a red bow: you take a red silk strip and use it as a belt right under your breast  and make a huge red bow)
golden accessorizes like:
Louis Vuitton

Zoe and Morgan (to know more about Zoe and Morgan click here)

  stripes shoes:

and the result is : the perfect master and commander!

I can't wait to create my own sailor look! Even though I will have to wear it in town!

I never write enough that I love to read your comments, so if you pass by, leave a mark!
Stay sailor
Stay navy blue
Stay stylish

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Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Love the post!! Yea...I'll be working all summer too :(

Jennifer ha detto...

GREAT nautical post! I am lovin' that Chanel ad and that huge red LV bangle! (:


p.s. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leavin' some love....means SO SO much! I am following you now! Great blog! Keep it up!

Sara C. ha detto...

Thank you!I love the bangle as well

Anonimo ha detto...


Sara Bentley ha detto...

I'm totally in love with nautical styles as well! I've yet to meet anything striped that I didn't get along with :)
Thanks so much for your sweet comments! To answer your question, I sketch all of the illustrations posted in my blog. Glad you like them :)

ady ha detto...

sai che le borse braccialini proprio non mi piacciono? tutto il resto però è divino, il bracciale, le zeppe....bellissimo.

BarelyVogue ha detto...

I love those navy wedges
keep in touch!