Mansfield Park

Ok, I must say I love Jane Austen. Since forever I wish I was one of her character. When I played with Barbie, I (she) always was living in some Wherevershire, I(she) was a secret writer, I(she) was adopted by some uncle of mine of whom I(she)didn't even know  the existence.
And so my life kept going between a 5:00 o'clock tea, and a love story based on glancing at eachother.

Now that I do not play anymore with Barbie, still going again through the pages of Mansfield Park, I wonder: what would I wear if I could finally rent that apartment in there???
So here there are my choices:

Alberta Ferretti is the perfect stylist to represent the romantic look:

 Isn't this dress perfect for a breakfast in Mansfield Park? I can see already the cousin Maria getting so jealous...

Or what do you think of this Vera Wang canary dress for the perfect first meeting with Mr. Crawford?

And finally our heroine gets to merry the last person of the novel you would have thought about...but always perfect in a Alberta Ferretti wedding gawn

But even if we are in a park, we cannot go barefeet...
This kind of fat shoes (no high hills or wedges in Romantic times, otherwise how could you dance a minuet??) are simply perfect with the wedding gawn

Louboutin's love flat shoes...

It's not Mansfield Park's right mood not wearing something in your hair...
 white thread by Bottega Veneta

"And what about the make up?" Some perfectionist girls that want to be perfect in Mansfiel Park could ask. Well, this is my romantic palette of colours:
in detail:
Teint Innocente by Chanel (clear cameo, no.20)

Dior's 5-colour iridiscent eyeshadow (parisian lights, no.559)

YSL' eyeliner ( moire, no.7)

 Clarins' Wonder perfect mascara (brown, no. 2)


YSL's Touche blush (peach, no.2)

 Chanel's Rouge hydrabase (simply pink, no.148)

Ta-dah, our nowdays Fanny is ready to live a happy life in Mansfield Park. And we can just wish her an happily ever after!

Stay in Mansfield Park
Stay Romantic
Stay Stylish

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montague ha detto...

ma che belli questi abiti! in particolare qullo grigio/argento/oro!

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

I love all those dresses!! Sooo gorgeous :D
The source is linked at the bottom of the post :)
And what movie is it from?

anahita ha detto...

ahaha, this is so cute xD gotta love some austen :) xxx ha detto...

bel blog.
nicola freshONpr

Rely ha detto...

Your blog is really lovely! i like the style!
love the white dress!!;D