a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away

When I saw this bag, I simply fell in love, not only because it reminds me of the most stylish cake on the earth (which I do not eat often because there aren't in Italy), but also because I love so much when fashion combines with everyday object, specially with greedy objects!
I thought how I would use this bag, and it came out that it's perfect with a lot of styles. Key word: daring!
1bag x 4 shoes

Let's do the math: 1 bag x 4 shoes= 4 bags???
 Yes! (I'm not a  math person, I will tell you once my math project with the population of beans...but that's  completely an other story) 
This cupcake bag is lovely, fun, and perfect for many occasions.
I like so much toy-accesories, eventhough some people may think I'm too old for this kind of stuff! But when there is style, the word old doesn't belong to the dictionary! And there's a proverb which says: a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away (was it an apple? I don't think so)
Timmy Woods Cupcake Handbag 

Saturday night out: blue hills by Eden
Sunday morning at a cafè: leather wedges by Jeffrey Campbell
Monday evening at the cinema: sneakers by Reebok
Tuesday afternoon at the library: red flat shoes by Restricted

Stay greedy
Stay healthy
Stay Stylish!

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fashion junkie ha detto...

I have to give it to you. I completely agree with you. Lovely post.