Green with envy

I have to admit it: I feel so envy of those who are spending July sitting around a fancy swimming pool.. But since this is a blog about style, my envy has a gorgeous green outfit!
green with envy
dress:Calypso Kimberly
bath suit: O'neill score+Oakley
  sandals: Brown fashion
flip-flap: Rocket dog
bangle: CC skye

My envy has of course her favourite beauty product (after all she is a diva), these

are the cleanser and moisturizer by La Primavera (if you like organic beauty products click here).
I suppose then that green is the colour of this summer, or at least of my summer.

Stay green
(don't)Stay envious
Stay Stylish

4 commenti:

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Yayy for green, haha :) I wish I was by a swimming pool too...but I'm in an office, not doing my work ;)>

ady happyborn ha detto... verde, che passione! in tutte le sue sfumature, questo brillante che hai usato tu, ma anche il verde mela o il verde sottobosco...baci

fashion junkie ha detto...

Ugh!! I wish I didn't have to work so that I can be by a swimming pool too.
I am in love with those brown fashion sandals. Super cute!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog BTW.


SaraG83 ha detto...

Che bello questo verde! Ho giusto comprato da poco una collana con le perle di questa tonalità ... ora mi serve il resto!