Dance Gala

My husband is a well-known coreographer of urban dances in Italy. He's always around the country presenting his coreography. Last Sunday we were in Spoleto, a beautiful town in the southern part of Umbria for the Gran Galà della Danza. He was invited as the special guest of the event. Special guest, special outfit...
but I've been very busy so I haven't got the chance to think about it, but there's always a solution:

white male shirt


To give a touch of elegance, I pinned it with my design brooch

white male shirt: vintage (I got it for 3 euros, and it's one of the thing use the most)
black trousers: zara
shoes: fornarina
bag: valentino vintage (it's real vintage: it belonged to my grandmother)
brooch: pietro (on of the jewllery designers of Krizia)

Praise and honour to white male shirts!
If you are in trouble and you want to be elegant anyway, there's no need to go very far, the solution is under your eyes, you got just to see it: white male shirt.  Then add just one or two personal details and that's it. And never forget a strong lipstick. Here I'm wearing a Dior red lipstick.

Stay with what you already have in the closet
Stay creative
Stay Staylish!

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ady happyborn ha detto...

bello il look, la camicia bianca è sempre chic e la pettinatura da q1uel tocco di stile in più...baci