the Terrace

I have invited some friends at "the Terrace", which is not the coolest new place in town, but simply my sky-view terrace for a Formentera easy going dinner.
I have created a look for the occasion: simply, ideal for easy summer evenings.
dinner at the terrace with my girlfriend
dress: from RARE
bag: timmy  woods
hat: goorin brothers
necklace: carolee

I prepared some special ice-cubes for tonight in order to add  some style to our drinks.
This is the idea I came up with:
I added some mint leaves and rose petals into the ice-cubes maker (I prefer mineral water) 
As you can imagine, I've put it in the freezer
and this is the final result:

I will try also with some fruits.


I'll let you know how it goes our "Formentera dinner summer 2010 at the Terrace!"

Stay in Formentera
Stay at the "Terrace"
Stay Stylish!

3 commenti:

Beth Ruby ha detto...

Perfect outfit for that occassion!
Loving that straw hat, I am desperate for one and that one looks gorgeous :)
Fab post xx

Anusce@Ciao-Chow ha detto...

The ice cubes look so cute!
I usually use raspberries or blueberries!
Cannot wait to see the pictures of the Terrace Soiree.

SaraG83 ha detto...

I've got a boating like that, and I really love that dress.