officially over

Since today my summer is officially over. I just started working on my summer job (which anyway I bless it all the time since being an actress means having a 10 months job...what about the other 2?).
So during summer time I work in a bar of a pool in a seclutaked spot of Umbrian country side, or as I renamed it: into the wild...taken from the movie of Sean Penn. And believe me, the comparison works.

I decided that the key word for the outfits for this job, in order not to seem too shabby, will be: dresses, or as we call them in Italian: vestitini (actually I never completely got why we call them as something small). They are fresh, comfortable, they possess a shadow of style, and they are all that is left me to remind me that summer is not over, yet.

top row: from the right 1. anonymous 2. anonymous 3. Elle shop 4. Vanessa Bruno
bottom row; from the right 5. Cleo 6. Motel 7. Jesirè

If you are a summer worker and you opt for vestitini, just remember that they must have some features to be perfect for an outdoor (but also indoor) job.
1.They shouldn't be too short: I don't want any client of the pool enjoying my underwear while they wear a swimsuits (and I'm not enjoying it)
2. They must be very fresh, and made of natural fabric: stinking is never nice, specially at work!
3. They must be simply and not too pretentious, during work time is better to look clean and pretty, but not elegant: I don't want them to think I would like to be somewhere else (ehm...yah!)
Is this list kind of sad? Are the dresses I posted sad as well?
Ok, maybe they are, but you should see my face...

Stay happy
Stay happy
Stay happy!!!!

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Oooh its great! I love your tips and all the dresses you chose :D