Women's purses are like caves, full of undiscovered treasures even they didn't know to have. It's so hard when they have to change bag: so many things must be re-allocated (in my case also so many things to throw away...I mean garbage!) that the operation takes at least half an hour + the previous half an hour to pick the right bag = they (we) are already one hour late.
But even when time is running out, there are things they NEED to have since you never know what is going to happen (end of the world, meeting George Clooney...).
These are the things this fall won't miss ever in my purse (not including of course wallet, personal planner, cell phone and things like that):

YSL's touche eclat: it's perfect to re-touch makeup in the afternoon when  eyes start to look so tired and there is that greyish halo around them.

Never without my fisheye camera: I love lomography, and you never know when it's going to be the perfect next moment to take a picture. To learn more about lomography, click here

 I found this brand in NY, we don't have it in Italy, and I liked it so much. Everything is made just with very natural products, they have a real smell of things that exist on the earth (and not such a tropical-rainforest-drops of cotton: eh????). I also bought the organic tea and mint tonic water. So good.
This cheek stain is perfect, it gives light to cheekbones, and just a hint of colour to complexion. I like it also because it's quite small, and not as big as the Tarte one, so it's easy to bring it around.

This fall I'm going to wear very dark lipstick, I like it so much with the not kissed by the sun skin. I always have  one in my purse, so if i'm not going back home in the evening before going out for dinner, I can change totally my look.

Usb key: every time I needed one I realized I didn't have it with me. Problem solved, this one can stay with my house keys. It's from LaCie and it's 8G. Isn't it cute?

Which things can never miss in your purses? Comments are always appreciated, welcomed and they make my day.

Stay stylish

4 commenti:

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Ooh great items! That USB is so cool! haha :D
As for me:
mirror/brush combo, pen, mascara, camera, chapstick :)

Myriam ha detto...

sembrerà stupido ma ogni volta che dimentico i fazzoletti è proprio quello il momento in cui ne avrò più bisogno!
ecco perché non possono proprio mancare nella mia borsa

grazie di essere passata da me ;)

fashion junkie ha detto...

OOooohhh! Loving those items. As for me: camera, lip gloss, phone (of course), concealer, and a book (I have a huge bag... Lol).


Anonimo ha detto...

that USB key is awesome, i have never seen that before. awesome find!