Surfing on I found this great magenta lipstick. I want to recreate this look.

 This is what I used 

1: I applied Mac's Madly Magenta cream color base. Not a lot actually because it's really strong and really mellow.
2: I blended with a vary pale pink eyeshadow. I used Kiko, but every eyeshadow will be perfect. I put it because it helps to flatten the Magenta color.
3: with a tiny brush I put some fuchsia lipstick (here it's from YSL, but every brand it's fine). This helps to build up the color on the lips
4: I patted some bright orange blush on my lips. Orange softens magenta but mainly patting some blush/powder on the lipsticks will it make last all night long.

This is the result:

There is a difference between the original picture and my result, this is because something was missing and that is:

Mac's Magenta Pigment

I think it goes straight to no. 1 on my make up wish list: awesome!

Stay Magenta
Stay up all night long
Stay Stylish!

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Belle de Couture ha detto...

Oh I love that color lipstick! Ah-mazing :)


p.s. Thx for the sweet comment!