This summer I've been able to watch the dvd of this movie: I originally picked it because there is Matthew Rhys (I'm a huge fan of Brothers and Sisters). I didn't even know what the movie was about...It was love at first sight not only because it is about Dylan Thomas but also because it is surrounded by a retrò halo, which I love. But most of all because it 's a love and women friendship story.

Questa estate mi è capitato di vedere il dvd di questo film, scelto per Matthew Rhys più che altro, essendo una fan di Brothers and Sisters. Non sapevo neanche di cosa parlasse...ed è stato un vero e proprio colpo di fulmine: non solo perchè è la storia di Dylan Thomas ma anche perchè è circondato da un alone retrò che amo moltissimo.
E sopra ogni altra cosa: è una bellissima storia d'amore e di amicizia femminile
I'm sorry the more I write the more I realize how bad in reviewing I am, so do not judge the movie from my "empty" word...

Mi dispiace, più scrivo e più mi rendo conto di quanto io non sia in grado di scrivere una critica decente a un film, quindi non lo giudicate dalle mie parole...

In this movie what immediatly captured my attention, was, of course, the dresses they wore. Beautiful, fresh, retro but still very en vogue.

In questo film ciò che  ha catturato subito la mia attenzione sono stati i vestiti che indossavano: bellissimi, freschi, retro ma tuttora molto alla moda

floral dresses, big skirts, rain boots, wool socks, male hats and big coats

feathers, flowers, strong colur lipstick, lace veils and long gloves from the 40's

Have I ever tell you haw much I loved to become a movie costume designers?
Anyway that's another story, for now I'm doing nothing but admiring and taking inspiration!

Vi ho mai detto quanto mi sarebbe piaciuto fare la costumista al cinema? 
Comunque questa è un'altra storia, per ora mi limito ad ammirare a prendere ispirazione!

Since the movie is about Dylan Thomas this is one of my favourite poem (strange it's a about a dancer..)

La Danseuse

She moved like silence swathed in light,
Like mist in moonshine clear;
A music that enamoured sight
Yet did elude the ear.

A rapture and a spirit clad
In motion soft as sleep;
The epitome of all things glad,
The sum of all that weep.

Her form was like a poet's mind,
By all sensations sought.
She seemed the substance of the wind,
One shape of lyric thought;

A being 'mid terrestrial things
Transcendently forlorn;
Through time bound far on gleaming wings
For some diviner bourn.

The rhythms of the swooning heart
Swayed to her sweet control;
Life in her keeping all was art,
And all of body soul.

Faint-shimmering in the roseate air
She seemed to ebb and flow
Like memories perilously fair,
And pale from long ago.

She stooped to grief's remembered tears,
Yearned to undawned delight.
Ah, beauty -- passionate from the years!
Oh, body -- wise and white!

She vanished like an evening cloud,
A sunset's radiant gleam.
She vanished. Life awhile endowed
The darkness with a dream.
Per la versione italiana cliccate qui e se avete tempo date anche un'occhiata a questo blog completamente dedicato a Thomas.

What else to say?

Stay on the edge of love
Stay poetic
Stay Stylish!

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ady happyborn ha detto...

non ho visto il film ma ho visto più e più volte le foto dei look delle protagoniste, due icone di stile, fantastiche nei costumi di scena. baci

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

This is on my list of movies to see, I need to get on that XD

Lola Finn ha detto...

I love that film so bad! Really cool outfits!