Ballet flats & spring

Finally spring has also reached Italy! It's warm, it's sunny, it's beautiful.
I decided to welcome spring starting again wearing my ballet flats: I love them. They are perfect with a lot of things, they are elegant, but not too much, perfect with jeans, skirts, leggings and all those clothes we wear in spring, and they make my legs looking great even though I'm not tall at all!

These above are from BLOCH: Bloch is one of the most important firm for professional ballet shoes. All the shoes of the most famous and important ballet dancers are from Bloch. Since few years they started producing ballet flats for everyone. I have tow pairs. I love these ones: can you see that they seemed to be made out of newspaper?

These ones are from ZARA : I got them last years sales just for 8 euros! They are not very high quality, but the colour it's great and it wipes off a bit of winter grey. Perfect with deep blue skinny jeans.

These are from JANETTE : I got them just a month ago and they were the last pair so I just paid 10 euros! Perfect with short skirts for the red suede ankle bendage they have, but also with trousers (the bendage must be covered by the way)

Ballet flats are great, they bring us aroun spring!
Why don't you post also yours? You can leave your feet in the shoes by the way taking the picture

stay flat!
stay spring!

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Anusce@ciao-chow ha detto...

Flats are a springful thing!
They are perfect and I love them too!
I wish I had more of them....
Can't wait to see more combination!
By the way, great pictures!