Harajuku girls

Today I got inspired to write this post by a Gwen Stefani's song. Harajuku girls.

I love her style and of her dancers. It' s the perfect mix of trends, femininity and a touch of eccentricity.
It's very easy to copy, or to take some inspiration from it (maybe the whole of it could be too much).
Start with a short skirt, with a college pattern, or stripes, or small flowers

Then add a sports upper part, which has to be tight and simple.
A very important part is an eccentric accessory as tights. Here my friend Sheyla is wearing one I really like

I think this outfit is perfect, the right balance between something not common at all but still bon ton. Do not forget to wear nice open toes, or plateau high hills shoes. 

Another combination is wearing  very colorful and long socks, as those for basketball players, or also  knee-pads similar to those for volley-ball but not with high hills, but with sneakers
In order to be a perfect Harajuku girls an accessory for the hair can't be missing: big hairbands or a ribbon, or a small hat just on the side of the forehead. I made a couple simply rigging up some tulle.
In one of my next post I'll show you how.
For now,
stay Harajuku
stay bon ton
Credits: thanks to my friend Sheyla, who never miscues an outfit

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