being sooo tired

I hate when I'm this tired, with no energies at all...
So I've been thinking: what can I do to cheer me up? What can I do to feel better?
Thinking about something...
I came out with these ideas:

First of all I take some papaya: Papaya it's full of antioxidant, it's perfect when you feel tired and a little bit sick. I have a lot of problem with my eyes: as soon as I feel that pink eye is coming I have some papaya! As soon as I feel flue is knocking at may door, I take some Papaya, etc etc. Try it. It won't disappoint you.It tastes also delicious.

Second: a facial mask. This is G-Energize from Skinvitals and it one of those cloth made, for stressed and tired skins...belonging to stressed and tired people...ops, me! I put it on and I lay down for 15 minutes on my sofa. Then since a bit of the lotion remains in the packet I massage my face with it. It's time to not waste anything!

Third: some music perfect for the mood. Now I'm a lot into the new Sade album, it calms me down and it helps me thinking positive. It's a great album. She is sooo back!Fourth: it would be perfect some shopping, but since I'm on "diet" , I just have a Yoox-windows-shopping and then a Outnet-windows-shopping...
Actually being on "diet" doesn't stress me out that much: sometimes, in these slow, silent, lonely afternoons isn't that bad to enjoy small things.
And maybe this is suggestion number 5, the only one which can make all the other four work...

stay relaxed, stay happy

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