style me. Stylish!

Today I went with my friend Anuscè to a very small open market in Perugia and here there is the sty-list of what we got:
-white trousers: white it's perfect for summer time, and it is very elegant, but also easy with right accessories. It's common to think that white is just for skinny girls with small bottoms. WRONG! If you wear it with a long shirt (long not large) and high hills they look great. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you are not very slim it is not true that the bigger (the larger, the longer) the better.

- a very nice burberry-style t shirt. Beautiful with white trousers (it reminds me a little bit ofJackie O)- a shirt dress, blue navy. Perfect with suede boots.

The girl in these pics is Anuscè:can you see how great she looks?It's simple and in this case also cheap.
I add some pictures to show how easy is to mix up things they seemed to not belong together!

Stay tuned. Stay stylish!

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

what a wonderful combination!
I would have never thought to use such a printed shirt under a black boyfriend jacket.
Cannot wait to see more creations.

montague ha detto...

ma che bella modella!!!!