Tra donne d'onore

For today I'm not speaking of style: today it is the day of:
Tra donne d'onore- among women of Honor
That's the title of the show I'm in with other 12 women. It's about mafia women, how they live it, how they relate themselves with it. It's performed as a greek choir, where all the voices melt together as one, where all the bodies co-exist as one and blend into each other, but also where sometimes some voices are louder and stronger than the others in order to be heard. It is a show that gives voice to the voiceless, it gives existence to the not-existing ones.
Echoes of an inner war mingle horror that surrounds these women, for whom the honor is the only lifeline in his condition of solitude.

Tonight we are going on stage at the Spello theatre. More than other times, there is a huge amount of adrenaline, big energy, but also a lot of fear. It hasn't been easy this time: many problems to solve, but at the end we did it...didn't we?
So to all the WOMEN of HONOR

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