Great beauty products under 10 euros

Every newspaper keeps telling us that there is the "crisis", and you know, it is actually true!
But what shall we do? Shall we give up on taking care of ourselves? Of course not!
So here I there are some of the products I use. I think these products are very good, and I paid for them less than 10 euros.

In the morning I start washing my face with VICHY ESSENTIEL nettoyant visage. Its formula is based on rose active ingredient. It's very delicate and it leaves my skin very fresh and glowing. I also use it to wash properly my eyes because in the morning I find always some mascara traces from the day before. This product cost just 4,90 euros and you can buy it in all the pharmacies.

After that I take a big cotton pad, and I imbue with some ROBERTS' ROSE WATER. It's very fresh and it has a tonic action on the skin. It costs 3 euros more or less and you can find it in all the supermarkets.

Since I wear contact lenses and I suffer of tired eyes, every morning I prepare my eyes with eyewash. I noticed that it also makes the white part of the eye whiter and  brighter. My pharmacist suggested this product some months ago and since then I never stopped using it: ISOMAR. It can be used also wearing lenses. It costs 8 euros.

Then I apply the moisturizer. OLAZ BEAUTY FLUID. It is perfect also as base for makeup. I also apply it on my neck and close to the ears (wrinkles get also there!). It costs 6,90 euros in all the supermarkets.

Then  EYE CONTOUR FROM YES TO CARROTS. Full of vitamin c, with its rich and soft consistency it's perfect to nourish the area around the eyes. It takes away also some of the grey left from a  few-hours sleep.

I also use truly terrific BODY BUTTER BY YES TO TOMATOES: it leaves the skin soft for the whole day. And it also smell so gooood.

Following there are products for makeup:
1. Mascara, deep black by KIKO, it makes eyelash very long and separate. It cost just 3,90 euros but it is one of the best mascara ever, much better than other expensive mascara.
2. This is a gel by TRUCCO MINERALE, which is called RUGIADA PER OCCHI (dew for the eyes). It's a great product because it transforms all the powder eye-shadows into eye-liner (as you can see from a lot of pictures I love the eye-liner make-up: very Audrey Hepburn style). With this product you can have  eye-liner of all the colors you want. It costs 7,90, but you can buy it just on the internet from Trucco Minerale
3. An un-expected great product: it's a top coat for nail polish from ASTRA. It's a brand which I never gave any credit for, but this coat is just amazing. The nail polish lasts 7-8 days without any imperfection: it seems that you have treated nails with gel. It costs 5 euros more or less.

If I don't have a lot of time, I use this Mineral foundation fromTRUCCO MINERALE. It's very easy to blend on the skin, it works also as finishing powder and it lasts for the whole day. It costs 13,90 (I know I know I said under 10 euros: but everyone knows that it's impossible to find a good foundation under 10 euros unless you want your skin to fall!)

Then I use this pink eyeshadow from KIKO. It's perfect both for eyes and for cheeks. It costs 3,90.
I hope you have found useful this post: in this period of saving money, we need to find good products. If you have some other suggestions please, leave your comment. I'm glad to learn more.
Stay beautiful
Stay with some money in your pocket
Stay stylish

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