Men at the gym

Finally I got the chance to write about a problem that concerns me a lot, actually it upsets me:
men at the gym.

why? why? why????
Do you  wear terrible terrible shorts ( I guess it's non a case that underpants can be called shorts as well)? Old and consumed shorts, with vicius colors as light grey, blue, which is not blue anymore but it turns into a wired grey; black, which is not black anymore but it turns again into a wired grey.
And most of these shorts do not have a decent shape anymore. I must be honest: you, yes I'm pointing at you: you look terrible even though you don't think so!
Sometimes, when I'm sweating and toiling I would like to stop and to scream: excuse me, you know you are not alone in here! and you know I really do not care what your nuts are doing right now!! And then: you know that even if they are called shorts it doesn't mean that they have to be so far away from your knees!
It's very important to pick the clothes of your size: if sizes do exist it is for a reason! And this is valid also for t-shirts and tank tops. Both if have muscle or if you don't, if they are toooo tight you look so much more as a sausage. Come on, let's give some space to imagination!
I hope you don't feel offended by all this, but if you are: it means I'm talking for you as well!

But since I don't want just to point the finger at you, here there are some suggestion:
 and remember, gym is a public place !

You could try with a simple Adidas tracksuit like this

It's colorful, it's confortable, it's stylish!
It's perfect with a white/black/red t shirt of your size, and runner shoes.
It gives such a "back-in-the-70s style", and believe you don't give up at all to comfort.
I also love Karl Kani. Here in Perugia(my hometown) you can find it at Smooth: the best sports-trends and streetwear shop ever in the centre of Italy:

This is what I mean:

Another tip:
don't wear what in Italy we call "fantasmini" (litterally: small ghosts): those very short socks that can't be seen in the shoes.Do you what I mean? Or is it just an Italian desease?
Again: why? why? why?
Socks can be nice, socks can be something not to hide, unless they  have holes. Sock can be part of the outfit!
Fantasmini on the other hand are simply terrible, because they leave out the not-hairy-part-turning-into-the-hairy-part (Sorry I don't know the anathomycal name)of the leg, and that is not your best part to see.
I know, I sound harsh, but it's for your own good. Trust me, and then you'll tell me.
stay fit
stay stylish
credits: for this post I deeply thank my husband's closet

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