A single man

Another grey Sunday, but at least we are not working, and so after a month I managed to spend the whole day on the couch and above all with my husband Afshin.
We just finished watching " A Single Man" by Tom Ford.
The great and visionary stylist  brought his extremely aesthetic eye beyond the camera.

The concept of the movie is basically how crisis, griefs and pain can pop out in such a silent way and thanks to simple and easy things can recede.
The recreated style of the 60s is  neat, cold, ordinated and perfect. But it cuts like a knife, because the solitude of the man is so very tangible thanks to the very deep, almost manic, attention of the director to details (after all Tom Ford is fashion's enfant prodige).

I liked the use of colors and of filters, as mirrors of feelings.

Anyway the biggest reason to watch the movie is Colin Firth, who won Coppa Volpi at the Festival of Cinema in Venice. He has found such a silent elegance, a beautiful way to show sorrow and grief never being descriptive. He acts very British but still able to show such a moving sweetness and nostalgic awareness. Awareness that losing the love of his life means losing the life itself.

I liked the movie basically because it's a 1 hour and a half of beauty, of style, amazing, sweet and touching music and of very good acting, but I must say that the story could go much deeper. Tom  Ford doesn't
win the challenge to turn upside-down the common idea that fashion is superfical.
My top 5 stylish items of the movie:
1. Colin Firth's black glasses
2. Colin Firth's black dress (if you watch the movie you know which one I'm talkin about)
3. Windsor necktie

4. Julianne Moore's bedroom

5. Julianne Moore's long earings

It's time for me to go back to my couch...
Stay  back in the 60s
Stay happy
Stay stylish

4 commenti:

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Ooh I'll have to rent that then! :)

Anusce@Ciao-Chow ha detto...

I loved the movie and the cinematography used!
I especially loved Julianne Moore and her style...

Sara C. ha detto...

I want to buy the soundtrack. I think it's from the same composer of IN the mood for love, and it breaks my heart (in a good way)!

Rocker Chic ha detto...

I so want his black glasses so chic!! Thanks for stopping by.