Stealing from your boyfriend

Forgive me Father, cause I have sinned: I have stolen from my boyfriend.
This is not a sin. It's a sin stealing the wrong item to get the wrong outfit.
So, take a look to some ideas

Boyfriend jackets are perfect. Here I'm wearing one by H&M;. It seems really to be stolen from a male's closet. It has a very fitting cut on shoulders, slim sleeves, and it covers the bottom.

Trust me, this is perfect if you want to disguise some extra rolls on your waist. I'm not the thinnest girl on earth, and a jacket like this really helps me wearing all the outfits I want.
Here there is something else I love to steal.
Mickey Mouse t-shirt, not of my size, but adding a big belt on the waist it doesn't seem so. You can't see it from the picture because it's grey as the t-shirt.
I think it looks great with the jacket.
Don't be afraid to wear belts, I think they can change a lot the way a dress is. This one I'm wearing now could be perfect also on the jacket.
Other item to steal: hats. Hats for men are gorgeous on women. I love Borsalino. I was even wearing one white Borsalino on my wedding day.
This is a simple coppola cap. I like when the hair are not perfect under it. So leave some locks "casually" out of it.
Anyway, keep in mind that male clothes on women are very sexy, of course they don't have to be too big, this is why I use belts, and anyway they must mixed up with something very feminine, like stretch pants, naked legs, high hills.
Next chapter will be about male shirts. So stay tuned.
Stay malish
Stay stylish

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