Splashing into light blue

Yesterday I got inspired from the color of the sky and of the sea...light blue. Actually it's not one of my favorite colors, but I wanted to dare and to do something new.
I started thinking about the make-up
1°step:I  applied a very light and luminous concealer like "Stay don't stray" by Benefit. In Italy you can buy it at Sephora. Now I'm using a sample but it is on my wish list. I have applied both under the eyes and on the lids, because it's also a primer.
2° step: I applied the foundation, not too heavy because I wanted to "play" softly in order to have a very radiant skin. I fixed everything with a touch of mineral powder (my make-up need to stay on for the whole day, because in this period I don't have any extra time to retouch it)
3° step: a delicate peach blush just on the cheek-bones

4° step: I focused a lot on the eyes (ehehe light-blue lips are not the maximum when you have to go to school teaching children theatre...if you want to be taken seriously). I applied a  light-blue eyeshadow but in order not to look too back in the 80s I blended it with a light grey
5° step: I traced a thin line of blue-jeans eyeliner
6° step: a lot of black mascara: since it is a very light make-up at least I wanted my lashes to be extra black in order to give depth to my gaze.

7° step: lips. Shiseido, very light and matte peach lipstick. You can find it on one of my previous post (Rouge me!)

Then the outfit: very simple because I wanted to wear my fuchsia flats and my new striped socks.

So: a very simple drainpipes black trousers, a long and stretch shirt with very long sleeves and since here it's still cold I wore also a bat shape black cardigan

In my opinion, for a everyday look, if you feel like adding some strong colors and matches (like here fuchsia flats+stripes socks), go for a total black look, so that you don't look too much as a carnival, and you focus the attention on details, which always make the difference.
Stay light-blue
Stay stylish

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Anonimo ha detto...

I think you are right, my dear! well done! Candida

Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Oooh very nice! :D I really need to start experimenting more with makeup, I never wear it XD

thanks for your comment on my blog too :D